NIADA Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program
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Expand your dealership reach by offering the CPO Program exclusively available for NIADA dealer members.

NIADA & GSFSGroup Partnership

NIADA is pleased to partner with GSFSGroup as the new Administrator of the NIADA CPO Program Limited Warranty. This partnership provides enhancements to the NIADA CPO Program including more dedicated support, high quality marketing materials and exciting opportunities with 3rd party providers exclusive to NIADA CPO Program participants.

Several NIADA dealer members have already enrolled and have begun selling Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at their independent dealership locations. Scroll Down to learn more about how you can enroll in this program and begin realizing the benefits of another important sales opportunity. Complete the contact form below to receive additional program details.

Discover the Benefits of the NIADA Certified Pre-Owned Program
Certified Pre-Owned programs are almost exclusively associated with new car franchise dealers. And dealer-branded Certified Pre-Owned programs don’t always resonate with customers who are looking for assurance and reliability. The NIADA Certified Pre-Owned Program provides your dealership the opportunity to reach a different group of customers than you would normally have access to and provides the customer with the reassurance they are looking for.

Dealer Benefits of Selling NIADA Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

The NIADA logo carries a level of respect that builds trust and confidence in its branded program

  • Elevates CPO vehicle to a different class (reliability & price-point) from other non-certified Used Vehicles
  • Provides 3rd Party endorsement that CPO vehicle meets high quality standards
  • Program is backed by the reputation of a well-respected National Association
  • Reassures customers that the dealership is held to a Code of Ethics established by a respected outside organization
  • Customers are typically willing to pay more for CPO and Certified Vehicles sell more quickly
  • CPO programs are attractive to Millennial car buyers - a traditionally difficult generation to reach
  • NIADA has partnered with 3rd parties to improve your ability to attract customers and provide services similar to new car franchises.

Customer Benefits of Buying an NIADA Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

CPO allows customers to buy more vehicle for less cost without sacrifice

  • Vehicles eligible for CPO will usually be newer, lower mileage and similarly equipped as new vehicles
  • Offers buyers the ability to ‘buy up’ without paying new vehicle prices
  • No need to sacrifice having a well-equipped vehicle in terms of latest technology offerings
  • Offers warranty that reassures buyers they made a ‘smart’ choice
  • Provides reassurance that vehicle is reliable and meets quality standards with inclusion of CPO Inspection Checklist and Vehicle History Report
  • 3 month free trial of Sirius/XM (with participating dealers)
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*The NIADA CPO Program is available exclusively for Dealer Members of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association